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Shearwater Associates Media Release

Toiapiapi, the 25th anniversary edition: celebrating taonga pūoro and the artistry of Hirini Melbourne

Toiapiapi was first produced at the outset of the taonga pūoro movement in the early nineties, giving voice to long-silent customary musical instruments. The research and craft behind this recording and publication established Dr. Hirini Melbourne as one of the foremost figures in the resurgence of Māori creativity across the arts. Toiapiapi is no mere songbook, but one that promotes the continuing importance of traditional instruments in contemporary culture, and the natural place of te Reo Māori in every part of life.

As 2016 Ockham Award winner Richard Nunns says in the introduction:

‘Though the old instruments have much to teach us about the past, I believe they can also help us develop future traditions in Māori music-making.’

Bilingual and genre-spanning, this 25th anniversary modernisation celebrates Hirini Melbourne’s innovation and artistry as he entwined poetry, music and performance.

A pioneering recording and publication, Toiapiapi was the result of years of research by Hirini Melbourne Richard Nunns and their colleagues. Since the set’s first release, that work has been integral to the way Māori music-making exists today.

Complete with a CD and track listing, this 25th anniversary volume includes information on the traditional taonga pūoro instruments as well as background on Hirini Melbourne himself. Having quickly sold out its original print run, Toiapiapi has been highly sought after ever since. It remains a testament to Hirini’s passion for his culture and art.