Reviews of the first edition

Original cover.JPG

Original cover artwork by Te Maari Gardiner.

‘Hirini Melbourne has gone back to the ancient instruments and allied these with his deep-felt heritage as a Ngai Tuhoe, of the “Children of the Mist” … The sounds of the wind, rain and birds are also the sounds the ancestors heard, and these are also the esounds and evocations of Melbourne’s sung poems.’

– David Simmons, NZ Herald, 29 January 1994

‘Toiapiapi is a joyful product of a decade’s research into taonga puoro by Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns… it’s an essential resource for kohanga, iwi stations and Melbourne’s fans: he’s one of the most prolific and underrated Maori composers alive… Toiapiapi is bound to become part of the standard repertoire.’

– Rangi Chadwick, Evening Post, 10 September 1993

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